Wellness Resources for Telecommunicators

Thank you for joining Susan Nelson for a presentation on Wellness Resources for Telecommunicators! First responders, which includes telecommunicators, have special and specific health and wellness concerns. The stress of the job is taxing and can contribute to poor diet and sleep, obesity, mood disorders, lack of exercise, and other health problems. For decades this was accepted as an unavoidable cost of the job. However, the tide is turning as telecommunicator wellness finally gets it’s turn in the spotlight. Both NENA and APCO, as well as other public and private organizations, are finally taking this problem seriously and offering resources. See below for telecommunicator health resources.

  • Wellness Resources for Telecommunicators and 9-1-1 Professionals

    Presentation by Susan Nelson

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Why Public Safety Location Intelligence®?

There is more data available than ever before and it just keeps growing.  Public Safety Location Intelligence® from GeoComm provides a new way to get the right location information, on the right map, for the right people, at the right time, in order to respond to emergency calls faster.

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