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    GeoComm Perspective: Understanding the Urgency for Indoor Maps

    The 9-1-1 industry is at a unique point in time. Technology advancements allow 9-1-1 caller location, X,Y,Z to now be delivered to the PSAP. In order to make this information actionable, indoor maps are needed. Are you interested in learning more about the value of indoor maps and discussing how to start your indoor mapping program is so attend our webinar Getting The Most Out Of Your Public Safety GIS Data Including Indoor Maps on Wednesday, January 26 at 1:00 p.m. Central Time.

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    GeoComm Webinar: Getting The Most Out Of Your Public Safety GIS Data Including Indoor Maps

    Public Safety Location Intelligence® is the hallmark of ensuring that the right location data is provided to the right people at the right time to help save more lives and protect property. Join GeoComm where we will discuss the next phase of Public Safety Location Intelligence as visualization and analysis moves indoors.  We will explore the creation, development, and deployment of actionable GIS data in the form of indoor maps within the public safety ecosystem, and beyond.

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    Public Safety Grade GIS Data is Critical for Public Safety Emergency Response Systems

    GIS data plays a key role accurate emergency response it important for 9-1-1 to implement Public Safety Grade GIS data.  These mission critical life safety systems and applications rely on GIS data to drive emergency response – helping to save lives and protect property.  This GIS data must be highly accurate, highly secure, highly available, up-to-date, and commonly accessible to all mission critical life safety applications across 9-1-1 and public safety organizations.

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    GeoComm Expands Team Dedicated to Enhancing Partner Program Experience

    GeoComm, the Public Safety Location Intelligence® leader, continues to grow with the expansion of their partner program, adding Amanda Vanderwerf to coordinate partner program activities. Vanderwerf joins long-time industry veteran Ty Thompson whose primary responsibility is partner relationships and development. Together, they will work to develop and support GeoComm partners.

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    2021 GIS Day

    Today, in honor of 2021 GIS Day, we want to share some interesting facts about our team of dedicated GIS professionals. We appreciate our team working their hardest each day utilizing GIS technology and their GIS expertise to help our customers and thank all of the GIS professionals out there who use the power of GIS to improve lives.

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    GeoComm Partners with what3words to Provide Enhanced Public Safety Location Intelligence® in GeoComm Maps

    GeoComm announces a trailblazing partnership with what3words to provide enhanced emergency response location intelligence in GeoComm Maps. With this integration, GeoComm offers public safety telecommunicators using GeoComm Maps with an innovative tool designed to locate and convey locations using unique combinations of just three words.

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    GeoComm Earns Esri Partner Network ArcGIS System Ready Specialty Designation

    GeoComm, is pleased to announce their recognition by Esri as a Release Ready Specialty Esri Partner Network partner. This designation is awarded to partners who are committed to being early adopters of Esri’s world leading geographic information systems software and are dedicated to incorporating that technology into their offerings.

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    GeoComm’s Keri Brennan Receives Barbara Hirsch Special Service Award

    GeoComm is excited to announce that Keri Brennan, GeoComm Product Manager for Public Safety GIS Content and Services, received the Barbara Hirsch Special Service Award this week during the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA) 2021 GIS Pro Conference in Baltimore, Maryland.  This award, which is presented to individuals or committees who have shown a consummate level of service to URISA, is one of the highest honors to be given by URISA

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    GeoComm Webinar: Enhance Your Public Safety Location Intelligence® by Utilizing what3words in GeoComm Maps

    In an emergency every second counts. GeoComm Maps is a highly available, secure, cloud-native mapping application purpose built to ensure GeoComm’s Public Safety Location Intelligence® Platform, delivers the right location data, to the right people, at the right time. The latest version of GeoComm Maps offers public safety telecommunicators using GeoComm Maps with an innovative tool designed to locate and convey locations using unique combinations of just three words.

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    GeoComm’s 2021 Intern Team

    Throughout 2021 we have welcomed 15 interns to the GeoComm team.  Our internship program is designed to ensure that each intern received a uniquely tailored internship experience based on their interests in the industry and areas of study.  These interns joined us from across the country and were paired with a dedicated mentor to ensure their internship goals were achieved and that they were empowered to achieve real world experience.  We greatly value the effort put forth by each of the interns while at GeoComm and appreciate many of them taking the time to share their experience working with our teams.

Why Public Safety Location Intelligence®?

There is more data available than ever before and it just keeps growing.  Public Safety Location Intelligence® from GeoComm provides a new way to get the right location information, on the right map, for the right people, at the right time, in order to respond to emergency calls faster.

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