Nebraska School Safety

During times of school emergencies – from medical issues to fights to an active shooter – seconds can truly make a difference. Getting the right information to the right person at the school and to law enforcement as quickly as possible is critical to minimize the negative effects of emergencies, including the potential for saving the lives of our most vulnerable.


The State of Nebraska recently introduced Nebraska LB673; this bill proposes to provide grants to schools that adopt a policy to provide emergency response mapping data to law enforcement agencies and provide powers and duties for the State Department of Education and State Board of Education.



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Why is School Safety Important?

School safety is crucial for the well-being and success of students, staff, and the entire school community. It is essential that schools take proactive measures to create a safe and secure learning environment.

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    Encourage Learning

    When students feel unsafe at school, they may not be able to focus on their studies, which can impact their academic performance and long-term success.

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    Protection from Harm

    Whether it be physical, emotional, or mental harm, students want to be protected while attending school, whether it be bullying, harassment, violence, and accidents.

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    Positive School Culture

    Students will feel more comfortable approaching teachers, students, and staff for help as well as participate in extracurricular activities.

What is Alyssa’s Law?

An immediate way for law enforcement to be notified of emergencies at school via silent alarms.

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How GeoComm Focuses on School Safety

GeoComm’s school safety solution provides GIS-based indoor maps of schools aimed at supporting law enforcement, fire, and medical responders by providing a visual representation of indoor spaces to 9-1-1 call takers or dispatchers without additional work and planning from 9 to 1-1 entities in Nebraska.

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"School safety is of high importance because schools are meant to be safe spaces for students to learn, grow, and develop their potential. At GeoComm, we are leading this initiative with the safety of students and staff in schools at the heart."

Jody Sayre, GeoComm Vice President of Public Safety GIS Content and Services

GeoComm’s School Safety Solution

GeoComm’s School Safety Solution nearly instantaneously links a 9-1-1 call or the press of a panic button to designated school personnel (e.g., SRO) and law enforcement, displays the caller’s location on a detailed indoor map and alerts others to the incident. This solution is a game-changer. Built on a powerful GIS platform from Esri, GeoComm’s School Safety Solution serves as the foundation for additional system integrations such as access control, cameras, gun detection and pre-plan and training applications.

In addition, the indoor maps can be provisioned into public safety applications, resulting in greater interoperability. The indoor map acts as the hub, integrating capabilities which can have a significant effect on reducing response times and improving situational awareness.


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Nebraska’s School Safety Task Force

This statewide initiative is aimed at promoting safe and secure learning environments in Nebraska schools. The task force was established by the Nebraska Legislature in 2018 and is made up of representatives from various education, law enforcement, mental health, and emergency management agencies.

The primary goal of the task force is to identify and implement strategies to prevent and respond to school safety incidents, such as bullying, harassment, violence, and natural disasters. The task force conducts research, analyzes data, and collaborates with stakeholders to develop and recommend policies, procedures, and best practices to improve school safety.

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How will GeoComm Provide Value to the Nebraska School Safety Task Force?

The proposed legislation (LB673), as written today, funds the development of non-GIS formatted images of school blueprints. This limits the interoperability within the State’s rich GIS data systems and existing Public Safety applications. This potentially requires 9-1-1 centers and emergency responders to utilize applications outside of their current systems and workflows to view these images.

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Why Public Safety Location Intelligence®?

There is more data available than ever before and it just keeps growing.  Public Safety Location Intelligence® from GeoComm provides a new way to get the right location information, on the right map, for the right people, at the right time, in order to respond to emergency calls faster.

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