February 21, 2023

GeoComm Announces Early Access Program for Vertical Location Content

Vertical location content screenshot

St. Cloud, MN: GeoComm, provider of Public Safety Location Intelligence®, is announcing the early release of GeoComm Vertical Location Content, an extension of GeoComm Vertical Location Services which enhances raw z-axis 9-1-1 caller location data by making it actionable.

GeoComm Vertical Location Services, made available in November 2022, is a web API for converting raw z-axis positioning measurements of 9-1-1 callers’ cell phones into dispatchable locations. This web API is available for integration into applications from authorized vendors who serve the public safety industry.

GeoComm Vertical Location Content further empowers telecommunicators, dispatchers, and responders by providing additional relevant information about indoor spaces, including indoor maps and details about what is inside buildings along with other data being delivered in GeoComm Vertical Location Services query responses.

"This additional new level of information includes contextual information about room names on a 9-1-1 caller’s estimated floor level, detailed floor labels as they exist on the property, locations for points of interest inside buildings like fire extinguishers, and higher accuracy floor level estimates. This continues GeoComm’s work to leverage new and emerging z-axis 9-1-1 caller positioning technologies for saving lives when seconds matter."

John Brosowsky, GeoComm's Vice President of Innovation

An early access program for GeoComm Vertical Location Content is currently available, providing Emergency Communication Centers (ECCs) with this new functionality for test calls and the creation of an indoor map for multiple floors in one building to evaluate and provide feedback on this life-saving technology. The early access program is available to a limited number of users. Apply at www.geocomm.com/vertical-location-services/.


About GeoComm: GeoComm, provider of Public Safety Location Intelligence®, serves local, regional, statewide, and military agencies in forty-nine states, helping keep more than 100 million people safe. Over the last 27 years, GeoComm’s public safety GIS systems have routed emergency calls to the appropriate 9-1-1 call centers, mapped callers’ locations on tactical emergency response mapping displays, and guided emergency responders to accident scenes on in-vehicle mapping and navigation applications within police, fire, and ambulance vehicles.  In addition, our statewide NG9-1-1 GIS project footprint has expanded to include 17 statewide projects across the country. Visit www.geocomm.com to learn more about GeoComm and our Public Safety Location Intelligence® offerings.

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