GeoComm Introduces
Vertical Location Services

Convert raw position measurements for cell phones into building, floor, and room level 9-1-1 dispatchable locations.

Everyday our nation’s 9-1-1 telecommunicators answer emergency calls for help inside buildings, and everyday our nation’s first responders must charge into the vast and mostly unknown geography of the indoors.

For a limited time GeoComm is seeking feedback for GeoComm Vertical Locations Services from early adopters via an early release program.  Apply today to be part of a select early adopter program group making the z-axis actionable.

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GeoComm Vertical Location Services
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Useful Tool for 9-1-1 Telecommunicators

Due to recent FCC rules and regulatory enforcement actions, wireless carriers are now providing z-axis elevation information, when available, for 9-1-1 calls from cell phones. Z-axis location may be provided as raw Height Above Ellipsoid (HAE) measurements, which must be converted by PSAP systems into actionable dispatchable locations.

GeoComm’s Vertical Location Services provide useful tools to 9-1-1 PSAPs for converting raw position measurements including z-axis elevation data into dispatchable locations including building names, street addresses, and floor levels.


How can you make conversions more accurate for buildings in your area?

You can increase the accuracy and precision of XYZ translation to dispatchable addresses with sub-address elements by providing specially attributed building footprints for buildings in your jurisdiction. In some cases, your local GIS department may already have access to the information we need to make the translation service more accurate in your area. In other cases, you may be able to collect information about specific buildings in your jurisdiction that are of particular concern because they cover large complex indoor environments, are occupied by many people, and/or where a major in-building emergency could have significant impact on life, safety, and your community.

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    GeoComm Announces Early Release Program for New Vertical Location Service Aimed at Making 9-1-1 Caller Z-Axis Positioning Actionable

    GeoComm is leading the way into the vertical frontier of Public Safety Location Intelligence® with the release of a new product, GeoComm Vertical Location Services. This offering provides the missing link to making the z-axis actionable during 9-1-1 calls by converting raw positioning measurements from 9-1-1 callers’ cell phones into dispatchable locations including building name, street address, height above the ground, and probable floor level, while also generating a 3D visualization of the caller’s location inside a building.

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    The Next Frontier of 9-1-1 Mapping – Indoors

    For many years the focus for Public Safety Grade GIS has been on site structure address points, road centerlines, service boundaries, and Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) boundaries for routing 9-1-1 calls in a Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) systems. As we progress towards full NG9-1-1 implementations, having indoor context about the location of calls within indoor spaces will be critical for telecommunicators and first on scene responders.  High quality, actionable indoor maps that are floor aware for visualization inside buildings for emergency response is the next frontier for Public Safety Grade GIS.

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    GeoComm Celebrates Twenty-Five Year Esri Partner Network Partnership

    GeoComm, provider of Public Safety Location Intelligence®, is excited to celebrate an important milestone - twenty-five years as a partner in the Esri Partner Network (EPN).  Esri is the global leader in geographic information systems (GIS) and location intelligence.  GeoComm’s long-term Esri partnership demonstrates a commitment to designing, developing, and leveraging Esri technology for optimized use in the public safety market. 

Why Public Safety Location Intelligence®?

There is more data available than ever before and it just keeps growing.  Public Safety Location Intelligence® from GeoComm provides a new way to get the right location information, on the right map, for the right people, at the right time, in order to respond to emergency calls faster.

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