April 16, 2024

GeoComm and the National Association of School and Campus Police Chiefs Announce Partnership in Support of School Safety and Security


GeoComm, creator and deliverer of locally authoritative indoor and outdoor GIS for mission critical applications, and the National Association of School and Campus Police Chiefs (NASCPC), an invaluable non-profit dedicated to being a powerful ally for those responsible for keeping our children and schools safe, are excited to collectively work to provide professional training, resources and collaboration for all parties involved in school safety and security.


NASCPC, who is committed to shaping the future of school and campus policing, was founded in 2020, by former Palm Beach County School District Police Chief Frank Kitzerow. Chief Kitzerow was responsible the safety and security of the 10th largest school district in the U.S., consisting of 187 schools, 197,000 students, and over 20,000 employees, encompassing a culturally diverse county of approximately 2,300 square miles.


GeoComm has served the public safety industry for the last 29 years and has grown to serve local, regional, statewide, and military agencies in forty-nine states, helping keep 100 million people safe. More recently, GeoComm’s innovative solution GeoComm School Safety empowers schools and communities with a dynamic near real-time indoor visualization for more unified, effective, and response to calls for service on school campuses.


As an inaugural sponsor of NASCPC, GeoComm is looking forward to dynamic collaboration to provide training, advocacy, and collaboration, for school safety leaders. Expect to see GeoComm and NASCPC working together to present educational sessions at conferences, on webinars and podcasts. GeoComm is looking forward to being a valuable resource for NASCPC members and providing advice and guidance to school safety professionals on a variety of issues, especially high quality, data-driven GIS indoor maps in support of school and campus safety and security.


To learn more about NASCPC and to become a member please visit www.nascpc.org. Visit https://www.geocomm.com/school-safety/ find out how GeoComm can help with your school safety solutions.



John Shanks, Executive Director

Bill McCullough, Vice President of Sales & Marketing bmcullough@geocomm.com

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