May 14, 2020

Over 1,500 Jurisdictions Leveraging the Power of GeoComm GIS Data Hub

GeoComm, a leader in Public Safety GIS solutions, is excited to announce that over 1,500 jurisdictions across the country are now utilizing GeoComm GIS Data Hub as an integral part of their Public Safety GIS data management process.

Leveraging this system, users are able to measure progress towards developing and maintaining Public Safety Grade GIS. The system:

  • Quickly validates GIS data and related data against industry standards
  • Provides GIS data insights through rigorous quality control and reporting processes
  • Allows GIS data originators to work in their native data schemas and upon submission transforms disparate GIS datasets into a common schema
  • Aggregates multiple GIS datasets into a seamless coverage area
  • Prepares map packages for provisioning to 9-1-1 applications such as 9-1-1 call mapping and Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) mapping or NENA-compliant Spatial Interface (SI)
  • Leverages and extends current Esri GIS data environment and investment

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“GIS Data Hub is an integral part of our monthly processes. It creates a central location for cities (with GIS departments), in our District, to submit their GIS data which is then returned to our office as a single dataset. GIS Data Hub helps our office and our partner agencies identify possible errors in our datasets, which helps our District prepare for Next Generation 9-1-1 deployment. This would have been a difficult task without GIS Data Hub.”

Vanessa Feagins, GIS Supervisor, Denco Area 9-1-1 District

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