April 23, 2020

GeoComm joins Amazon Web Services Partner Network

GeoComm, a leading provider of public safety GIS software and solutions, is excited to announce they are now a partner in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN). The APN is the global program for technology and consulting customers who leverage AWS to build solutions and services for customers.

As an APN partner, GeoComm will leverage AWS services to bring many benefits to our customers, including state of the art security to protect the infrastructure that runs GeoComm’s cloud-based public safety GIS solutions. In addition, APN membership heightens GeoComm’s capabilities to provide easy and secure customer GIS data uploading as well as an increased speed of GIS data updates within our customers’ dispatch mapping applications.

“Joining the APN to utilize AWS to protect the critical infrastructure of our customers mission critical solutions is a priority for GeoComm,” stated Ryan Thomas, GeoComm’s Vice President of Engineering and Technology. “The APN designation exemplifies our desire to protect privacy and data security by providing cloud-based public safety GIS solutions with the highest standards.”

In order to join the APN, GeoComm had to complete and satisfy several technical and business criteria for providing solutions and services in the APN. To date, GeoComm’s GIS Data Hub solution, is currently listed in AWS Marketplace and multiple other GeoComm proven solutions are being built to utilize the advanced levels of security, reliability, and scalability AWS provides.

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