It’s Coming.
NG9-1-1 In California.

Is your GIS data ready for NG9-1-1?

There is a lot happening in California right now…maybe you know all about it, or maybe you are loaded with questions.  Some things you might be wondering about:

  • What’s going to be different in NG9-1-1 from what happens today?
  • Why is GIS so important?
  • What do I need to do to get my GIS data ready?

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Riverside County Setting the New GIS Data Collaboration Standard for NG9-1-1

Visit with us during the 2022 California NENA Conference to see how Riverside County is achieving the new NG9-1-1 GIS standards by improving their GIS data and continuously maintaining the data to ensure its integrity.

Complete the form on this page to book your consultation with Annaliese to find out if Riverside's solution can serve you too.

GeoComm is dedicated to helping agencies throughout the State of California understand all of these questions and have the software and services available to help overcome your challenges.

  • Assess

    Gain new perspective through a GIS data assessment by taking a complete look at the current state of your GIS data and determining its NG9-1-1 readiness.

  • Improve

    GIS data improvement may include GIS data cleanup, remediation, and enhancing your GIS data with additional layers or attributes for an NG9-1-1 system.

  • Maintain

    Once the GIS datasets are improved, maintaining the consistency and integrity of these local, regional, and statewide GIS datasets is an important element.

“I come from a deep technical background with a Masters in GIS. My career began at GeoComm as a GIS Specialist where I developed NG9-1-1 and Indoor Mapping datasets. I am currently a Territory Sales Manager residing in Anderson, CA and am responsible for maintaining relationships and helping agencies strategically develop their datasets to meet NG9-1-1 requirements while enhancing the abilities of dispatch. My greatest passion is for indoor mapping solutions that can leverage device-based locations and real-time incident management.”

Annaliese Heinicke, GeoComm Territory Sales Manager | 320-281-2112

Funding Available To Help Get Your GIS Data Ready!

The California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) is currently working on a Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) implementation project. In the near future, your local GIS data will be used to route NG9-1-1 calls. Now is the time to review your GIS data analysis results to determine what, if any, actions will be required to make your GIS data NG9-1-1 ready!

State grant funding is available for the data development services needed to improve your GIS data for NG9-1-1, getting it into compliance with the Cal OES data model.

GeoComm is a proven California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS) contractor (3-06-70-2372A), having assisted many agencies in CA for more than a decade, and has the services, as well as software, available for assessing, improving, and maintaining your GIS data for NG9-1-1. In addition, we have experience assisting agencies with CalOES grant funding application processes and can help navigate the grant guidelines.

GeoComm Providing Critical GIS Element In The State of California’s NG9-1-1 System Transformation Project Through Partnership with Atos Public Safety LLC

Promotional Pricing For GeoComm Maintainer Now Available

GeoComm Maintainer is an NG9-1-1 GIS addressing tool that empowers you to:

  • Improve the quality and accuracy of your GIS data
  • Automate address range assignment on road segments
  • Assign addresses using customizable tools
  • Identify and resolve synchronization issues between your 9-1-1 database and the GIS map data improving your NG9-1-1 preparedness

GeoComm Maintainer Promotional Pricing of $150.00 per month per user is NOW AVAILABLE!

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Benefits of Careers at GeoComm

The Benefits To Working With GeoComm

  • GIS Data Integrity and Integration

    GeoComm staff are actively involved in NENA workgroups that shape public safety GIS standards. We have also been a committed participant in NENA Industry Collaboration Events (ICE) that provide the opportunity for 9-1-1 technology and service providers to test the interoperability of products and services that improve 9-1-1 and emergency services access.

  • Support

    As GeoComm, we listen to our customers, applying knowledge gained from customer focused initaitives to guarantee a positive customer experience. Our team members work collaboratively with a sense of urgency to provide seamless services and response to your 9-1-1 GIS needs.

  • Team

    GeoComm employs industry leading public safety GIS subject matter experts and technicians, software developers, and project managers. We utilize formal Project Management Institute (PMI) processes to plan, document, and execute each project, ensuring that our customers have a solid plan for the future and achieve successful project completion.

  • ESRI Partnership

    As a Platinum Tier Esri Partner, the only one dedicated to public safety, GeoComm is strategically aligned with Esri's technology and vision. GeoComm offers its customers advanced GIS solutions that are exclusive to the Esri platform, with unparalleled support and collaboration from the world's leading GIS technology provider.

  • Focus

    GeoComm serves local, regional, statewide, and military agencies in forty-nine states, helping to keep more than 100 million people safe. Employing the largest professional and dedicated public safety GIS staff in the nation, we are distinctively equipped to support the mission critical needs of 9-1-1 emergency response.

The future is now: How GeoComm can keep you relevant tomorrow.

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Why Public Safety Location Intelligence®?

There is more data available than ever before and it just keeps growing.  Public Safety Location Intelligence® from GeoComm provides a new way to get the right location information, on the right map, for the right people, at the right time, in order to respond to emergency calls faster.

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