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GeoCommunity - Data FAQ

Why do I have to login to download the free data? - As of May 27, 2003 in order to download ANY data from the GISDataDepot users will require a valid GeoCommunity account username an password. This is simply and free to setup. Note: many data products are free to download (green icon), however, some data products (DRG, DOQ) require account holders to purchase premium data download bytes.

Where's the Free DRGs? - As of May 1, 2002, DRGs and DOQQs are no longer available for free download, however, they can be accessed by account holders who have purchased download pipe for a nominal fee. You may encounter older pages on our site that mention "free DRGS etc...". Please note that we are attempting to remedy these messages, however, there are so many pages on this site that we may not catch them all!

Trouble Viewing Data? - this article describes a number of freely downloadable GIS Data viewers that everyone should have!

DEMs won't open in ArcView - Please note, USGS DEM data updated last year (2001) may not import correctly using the import utility that comes with ArcView GIS (or other programs). Unless the software you are using supports the new SDTS header format you will have to run the SDTS2DEM utility on the data - See

USGS 24K Quad Grid (2 MB, SHP format)

Are you having difficulties determining naming conventions for USGS data? - view this document STANDARDIZED DATA SET NAMES FOR DRG PRODUCTS

Are you having difficulties determining the projection of California data? - DRGs from areas in CA are developed at the Teal data center and have been projected in Albers. See also

Are you trying to download free data but keep getting sent to a page about setting up an account? - this page will describe what's going on.

SUGGESTED RESOURCE - Everything you always wanted to know about the SDTS data format. Articles, tools, downloads and more!

SUGGESTED RESOURCE - I can't seem to download free data with Internet Explorer (IE) using a Proxy Server. What can I do to correct the problem?

What Projection are the USGS DRGS in? -- USGS DRGs are in UTM projection, generally NAD27 - see
See also the doc from the USGS at

  1. Where can I find a digital file of the USGS quad grids?

  2. How can I convert the SDTS vector files to a usable format?

  3. How can I convert the SDTS DEM files and import them into ArcView?

  4. Do you know of a SDTS to ESRI Shapefile conversion utility?

  5. Is there an easy to use GIS viewer that is free to download?

  6. How can I import a .E00 file with ArcView?

  7. How can I extract this *_tar file?

  8. Is the data really free for downloading?

  9. The files are listed as *.Z, I tried changing this to "ZIP" and double clicking etc, but it does not uncompress.

  10. Is technical support provided for data?

  11. Can I get some basic information on GeoCommunity Sponsorship?

  12. I was able to download a land use land cover file (GIRAS format) but when I tried to unzip it, I got the message "Please enter the full name of the file contained within the archive file..."

  13. What is the best program to use to view the information in?

  14. The file is mn_tar.gz I want to use it in ArcInfo 3.0a, what do I have to do to import it into ArcInfo? Where can I get it converted if needed? Can I use this format?

  15. Do you have any additional information on STDS data, Metadata, DLGs, and DEMs?

  16. I am looking for Tiger data (in Tiger Line format) to download...

  17. I am looking for a software converter-Tiger to Shape (ArcView). Do you know where I can find it?

  18. I would like the description of the CTG format. Do you know where I can find it?

  19. What does this message mean: "You have attempted to access a disk that is temporarily offline"?

  20. Are there any copyrights associated with the free online data?

  21. What exactly does "All Available" mean?

  22. Can I search for specific information or data on your site?

  23. I received my CD containing VOLUME1.TAR, now what?

  24. Do you have a U.S DRG Coverage/Status Map?

  25. Do you have a U.S DEM Coverage/Status Map?

  26. I am having difficulty downloading FREE data from the GIS Data Depot, what should I do?

  27. How do I get removed from a GeoComm/SpatialNews mailing list?

  28. The compressed .GZ file that I just downloaded is not recognized as a valid archive. What can I do?

  29. I downloaded DRGs for California. What projection are these files stored in?

  30. I can't seem to download free data with Internet Explorer (IE) using a Proxy Server. What can I do to correct the problem?

  31. I want to view some DLGs and other SDTS formatted data but I'm not sure how? What do you recommend?

  32. The DEMs I need to seem to available here, what should I do?
    You can search for DEMs using Earth Explorer(EE) at Although EE only searches on native format DEMs, GeoCommunity should have the most recent SDTS DEMs on their web site. For example, if EE shows that a native format DEM is available in 10 meter, then GeoCommunity should have the 10 meter SDTS file available.

  33. Where can I find NWI wetlands and deepwater data classification codes?

  34. I need help deciphering the USGS DRG naming conventions... do you have a resource for me?

  35. Still can't find what your looking for, try the following USGS page

    Please keep in mind that the data served up and distributed by the GeoCommunity/GISDataDepot is public domain data that has been developed by public agencies. These are not commercial data products. The GeoCommunity is not responsible for errors or positional innacuracies that may be discovered in the data.

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