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WebMapping Software

The GeoCommunity has put together this extensive list of web map servers, software and other resources that will help you get up and running with serving your GIS data to clients over the web. Hardware and software requirements vary amongst the various products and some clients will require a plug-in depending on the server. Contact us to get your webmapping product listed here!

Free Products and Servers
MapServer is an OpenSource development environment for building spatially enabled Internet applications. The software builds upon other popular OpenSource or freeware systems like Shapelib, FreeType, Proj.4, libTIFF, Perl and others.

JShape Java GIS
Publish your GIS shapefiles through the WWW Internet/Intranet or any distribution media.

WEBGIS Version 3.0
NAC Geographic Products Inc. WEBGIS Version 3.0 which realizes the dreams of many web publishers who want to publish their own customized GIS and interactive maps on their web pages. With a site license, you can publish as many GIS projects as you want provided that all these projects are stored in one web site (same domain name), and there is no limition how many people can read the web pages simultaneously.

Commercial Products
Autodesk Design Server (01.16.01)
Autodesk GIS Design Server is an enterprise GIS solution that combines the power of Autodesk's enterprise server technology and the mapping and design capabilities of AutoCAD Map®. It is the first Autodesk solution that allows an AutoCAD-based product to design, edit and map information stored in an Oracle® database.

Apache Web Server
The Apache Group is pleased to announce the release of the 1.3.9 version of the Apache HTTP server, including a Win32 build.

Autodesk Mapguide
Autodesk MapGuide software delivers live maps and linked databases directly to your desktop, via your intranet or the Internet.

Bentley ModelServer Discovery
ModelServer Discovery is Bentley's new product for Web-based dissemination of geoengineering data. Based on ModelServer Publisher technology, ModelServer Discovery gives the enterprise open access to geospatial data over the Internet/intranet.

Blue Marble Geographics - GeoRoute
GeoRoute is the easiest way to put routing features in your application! GeoRoute enables Windows and Internet applications to present optimal routes (based on distance or time) and generate point-to-point directions, simply by adding a simple plug-n-play component.

Blue Marble Geographics- GeoObjects
GeoObjects consists of a map OCX control, a legend OCX control, and other OLE automation object controls for embedding spatial data access, display, and analysis capabilities into your Windows and Internet applications.

Byers Map Viewer Web
Map Viewer Web™ allows use of the Internet or Intranet to access your AM/FM database.

Cadcorp SIS ASC
The cadcorp SIS ASC (Active Server Component) extends the power of cadcorp SIS CDM for use over the Web. Third parties can develop server based fully functional GIS applications, which can be accessed by clients that require only an HTML browser.

Caliper map server
Caliper map servers can produce maps, calculate routes, find nearby facilities, and perform many other spatial analysis and presentation mapping functions.

Caris Spatial Fusion
By fusing the latest Java Bean technology with Orbix, the leading CORBA Object Request Broker (ORB) from IONA technologies, Spatial Fusion is setting the standards for on-line Spatial Information Management.

CubeWerx Spatial Technology
CubeWerx provides unique and powerful Spatial Warehouse (CubeSTOR) and WebMapping (CubeSERV) technologies that allow organizations to manage, access, and distribute all spatial data types via the Web. The technology is also fully scalable; gigabytes up to multi-terabytes of data are easily handled.

Cuesta Systems MapObjects Internet Starter Kit
Internet Starter Kit gets you over the MapObjects learning hump. Our Starter Kit provides you with the HTML controls and the associated Visual Basic calls to the MapObjects procedures...

Demis World Map Server
A nice web interface to the entire vMap level data and more.

ER Mapper Image Web Server
The Image Web Server (IWS) gives large and small organizations the capability to manage and distribute large datasets via the Internet, an Intranet, or over a local area networks.

ArcIMS puts a world of information on your desktop by simultaneously accessing Web data, local shapefiles, SDE layers, and images for viewing with local data.

With the ArcView Internet Map Server extension, you can use ArcView GIS out of the box to put mapping and GIS applications on the Internet.

ESRI MapObjects IMS
MapObjects Professional offers a powerful collection of mapping and GIS components that you can use to author and publish a variety of custom Web-mapping applications. MapObjects Professional components plug into standard development environments such as Visual Basic, Delphi, Visual C++, and others.

RouteMAP IMS is a stand-alone Internet site locator application that also generates driving directions.

ETAK Map Server
Everything you need to add maps, address geocoding and pathfinding to your website. Find an address and map it, or compute a path between two addresses in the US and get precise text instructions with a map for each step.

GE Smallworld Internet Application Server
Based on established Internet standards such as XML, and emerging geographic Internet standards such as WMS and GML

Global Geomatics - Mapinfo OGDI Extension
The OGDI Plug-In provides MapInfo Professional® users with a solution to the costly problems of map data collection and maintenance.

Global Geomatics - ArcView OGDI Extension
Enabling Web Access to Any Source of Geodata The OGDI Extension provides ArcView® GIS users with a solution to the costly problems of map data collection and maintenance.

An enterprise printing and plotting software package that includes a highly optimized RIP designed for CAD, GIS, A/E/C, engineering, mapping, scientific, and other technical applications to dramatically decrease the time it takes to print large, complex (including raster and vector) images.

Intergraph - GeoMedia Web Map
GeoMedia Web Map lets you communicate geographically through smartmaps on the Web.

Intergraph - GeoMedia Web Enterprise
GeoMedia® Web Enterprise helps you create dynamic, custom web-mapping applications to analyze and manipulate geographic data. The server software includes sample applications for vehicle routing, crime analysis, rezoning notification, and site selection so you can start working with these templates right away.

Intergraph - GeoMedia Viewer
Free Viewer to View and analyze data in either Microsoft Access or Arc/View Shape format.

Internet Mapper
VML Mapper format map server. Internet Mapper permits two functions: to display using maps the results of database queries, and to obtain information regarding elements within the maps.

Laser Scan Gothic Integrator
Gothic Integrator (JavaTM edition) enhances the performance of the enterprise by promoting the use of maps vertically and horizontally, beyond the confines of specialist departments.

Lizardtech - MrSID Image Server
The MrSID Image Server from Lizardtech enables you to conveniently serve massive, high-resolution imagery from your website.

Mapinfo - MapXtreme
MapXtreme is a mapping server for your Corporate Internet or Intranet. It is available in two versions for both the NT platform and the Java platform.

Mapinfo - MapXsite
MapXsite is a complete development package that enables you to add interactive, map-based "Find the Nearest/Dealer Locator" applications to a web site.

MicroImages - TNT Server
TNTserver can publish your geodata whether it is only a few hundred gigabytes or many terabytes. MicroImages' open source Java clients or your own clients can provide public or private geospatial viewing and analysis tools.

Map Viewer Web™ from Byers
Map Viewer Web™ allows use of the Internet or Intranet to access your AM/FM/GIS database. The software, which resides on a server, is accessible to users via the Web and provides a view-only mode for Web-enabled Java™ technology.

PUSH’N’SEE is a web application developed by KOREM, operable with MapXtreme Java Edition from the MapInfo Corporation. It allows MapInfo users to publish workspaces on the server and share them within the corporate intranet or over the Internet. Korem also has - is the affordable and easy-to-use service that lets you publish and view MapInfo WORKSPACES on the Internet. allows MapInfo© professionals worldwide to share information both internally and with the general public.

Using OpenMap, you can quickly build applications and applets that access data from legacy databases and applications. OpenMapTM provides the means to allow users to see and manipulate geospatial information.

SPANS WebServer from PCI
Using SPANS WebServer, users can access, query and visualize spatial information in a custom environment using standard internet browsers.

SpatialDirect from SAFE Software
SpatialDirect™ is a cost effective, configurable, and scalable system that allows users to retrieve data over the Internet/Intranet in the data format and projection of their choice. SpatialDirect is designed to integrate with third party applications or it can be used as a turn-key solution.

UMN Map Server
The MapServer uses configuration files and user input (via HTML forms) to build maps or answer simple geographic queries on-the-fly. The MapServer can make use many common datatypes.

A nifty online map publication tool for maps, plans, and medical images. Its composed of a flash application, a database, and server scripts.

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